The office is responsible for a number of duties for example admitting students, capturing and storing students’ records, designing timetables (studying and exam), monitor the teaching both practical an theory, monitoring the assessments (Assignments and examinations), and many others. The office is headed by the Academic Registrar and accommodate many other staff.

The college enrolls students at different levels, that is certificate level all for Two (2) years, and diploma level all for Two (2) years and Distance learning diploma for only Animal Husbandry and Agriculture for Three (3) years.

Admissions for certificate level take place in March every year while for diploma is in September every year.  Read more……..

Every new students has to register in the respective courses applied for to acquire the Registration Number the uniquely identifies him/her from other students. This process continues for each semester although the Registration Numbers do not change  (every semester, registration takes place).

This is where students clear for different college requirements and get proof for their being college students

The office is also responsible for designing the time tables for all the courses offered at the college and for both certificate and diploma. The time table for normal programme runs for 15 weeks and then the examination time table takes over for 2 weeks.

Normal time table runs from 6:30 am up to 5:00 pm Monday to Friday but on some occasions can happen over weekends.

he office  goes on to also supervise the operations of the assessment (Assignments and examinations). During the semester, assignments (40%) are done and then at the end of the semester, students sit for the end of semester exams (60%). It receives results for the Academic Board and then proceeds to award the Transcripts and Certificates.

Students Graduate after passing all the courses taught to them