Officer In-charge SportsBukalasa Agricultural College as a training institution, it participates in different Games & Sports activities both internally (inter-club competitions) and external(friendly games, inter-college tournaments and different leagues and tournaments).

Internally, the college organizes its Games & Sports activities through Inter-clubs (Tiger, Cheetah, Lion and Zebra) and friendly games. The inter-club competitions are held in semester two(diploma) that is May-June each year where students and staff are divided into different clubs where they compete to uplift their talents and at the end of the day the winner takes a bull, second takes a goat and the best performers take a certificate of participation.


For a long period of time, specialized institutions where Bukalasa Agricultural College falls have been left out in the National Inter-College Games & Sports Competitions until they year 2017/2018 when specialized institutions organized themselves to start the competitions where for its first time was hosted in Bukalasa Agricultural College in November 2017.

Trophies won in the 2017/2018 National  Inter-college Games & Sports Competitions


Football Team Preparing for the game  Netball Team  Volleyball Team

Football Team  Netball Team after winning  Volleyball after winning